My Life On Just Two Hands

“Even though there are certain things that I might not be able to do, that doesn’t stop me from trying and finding a way to do it my own way.” -Kanya Sesser


Photography credit to Randy L. Roach

I just live my life without limits and am not afraid to do things. There will always be people who are curious about me and I get questions, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m down for questions. Just ask me anything and I will definitely answer them. Sometimes, I joke about my disability and laugh about it with my friends. You just need a little sense of humor at times. It’s great. Be happy. As a child, I adapted to not having any legs and overcame obstacles by walking on my hands and climbing onto things — using my own knowledge and doing things my way. I have always been a very independent type of person, and never liked it when people helped me or did anything for me. My one day life goal is to travel to different countries to show other disabled children, kids and adults to try out different kinds of sports by giving them a chance to try out these opportunities. Being born without legs in a different country as a kid was difficult. It has different recommendations, laws and rules for people who are disabled, not much is given to us. I think everyone should have a chance to feel that freedom of life, never give up and be able to know that they still have something for them. These kids don’t have much for them considering on how there living condition is, its truly is a struggle. I know what they have been through, being hidden all the time, not allowing to go to school and not having much. It’s a reminder that everyone should be respected. Missing legs doesn’t make me less or more of a person. Everyone has their own challenges on a daily basis that can be more or less difficult than each other. Since a very young age my approach to life has been to live life without limits and to not be afraid to do new things. Through out my life I have accomplished a lot. Since as a kid I have skateboard, mono ski, surf, race, swim, played basketball, tennis and dance. My best accomplishment would be my track racing career in the Paralympics. My happiness would be growing up mono skiing, surfing and skating… a lot more about the action sports than just speed on the race track. I know that if I can get through something as big as this, Then I don’t think much else in life is really going to phase me. My characteristics motto is to “Dare Myself” everyday. Pushing yourself to the limit is important. Training everyday was hard for me, but know that at the end I would feel like a champion. Doing things that makes you happy other than being unhappy by being force to do things for recognition, fame and money is very important. Know what’s real in life. Fame, Money and Fortune is just a gift. Living happy and surrounding yourself with the people who care and love is a big part throughout your life. I am happy with the life I have and specially with the great people in my life. Without them I wouldn’t do what I do now and be here today.

My Life On Just Two Hands